Recently I purchased a super cute project bag at my local yarn store, Unwind.  I had never really been a project bag person before, everything just got thrown in the big bag or purse. While nothing ever go ruined by doing this, it was still a bit messy.  So I took the step to projects bags and now I am hooked!

Both the bags I got are from a great local company Slipped Stitch Studios.   I adore her stuff, so well made and great fabrics.

The first bag I bought is this cute little guy covered in pears….

Hiding inside this lovely bag is my first pair of socks!

Such a  yummy color and look they fit too!

I am slowly working through the legs of these socks. They are knitting up beautifully and are going to get my hooked for good on knitting socks!  I love the knitting two at a time toe up… so easy!

Since I loved the pear bag so much I decided I needed another one (Really, I NEEDED it! I swear!) So I got this little beauty

I love the vintage look to this fabric, subtle but pretty. Note the bag is mostly white… I just had crappy lighting when I took the pic. ( I always get the urge to take pictures when the lighting is crappy… ugh!)  Inside this bag I am storing my latest project the Shirley Sweater

This is knitting up light as air! I am head over heels in love with this sweater!  It is knit with lace weight on size 2 needles so it is going to take a while but once it is done it is going to be so nice to wear in the So Cal weather.

Do you have a favorite project bag?  What is on your needles now?  Share your projects!

There is a new addition to my little patio garden, last weekend I got a dwarf lime tree!

He is so cute and already has some flowers. I can’t wait to have fresh limes to use in my margaritas!

Since he is a Mexican lime tree I decided to name him El Jefe. I don’t normally name my plants, but being that this is my first tree and he will be with me a long time I figured he needed a name.

In other gardening news… my Lilac is finally starting leaf out a bit. It’s a bit late for her to get going but at least she isn’t dead. Hopefully there will be some Lilac blooms later this summer.

Another week has passed… well two actually I missed last week. Life has nice and busy, I am enjoying every moment of it!

Here we go….

My love affair with Pinterest continues… Check out my board of finds for the last 2 weeks here. These are some highlights:

Love This!  Thank you for sharing Elissa!!!

I find this so striking.

Pretty fabric…

So sweet….

LOVE THIS! I would but this in a heartbeat if I could. Happy little trees…

Chocolate chips in raspberries…. genius!

I want to be there…

On to other things….

Life on the Balcony has a great DIY tutorial on how to make a Wine Box garden… This is going on my To Do list!

Rosemary infused Vodka? Why yes please! Thank you for sharing this Poppytalk!

Going Home to Roost has a great Easter craft project!   A little message in an Egg… so sweet!

I love these Book frames from Creature Comforts… such a good re-purpose of an old book.

These spoon rings are so enchanting… check out the Silver and Spoon Etsy shop.

I LOVE this pink mirror from the Etsy shop 1848! They have so many beautiful things…

August Empress shared this darling blog ” Free Pretty Things For You”  and I am now in love with it!

The Guardian in the UK did an article on knitted versions of famous paintings… I am in awe of these pieces, they are amazing!

That’s it for this week, hope you have a wonderful Monday!


You know what I hate more than anything in the garden? Aphids.  I hate, hate, hate Aphids!!!  I can’t seem to kill them no matter what I do they are always there.  I recently had a major infestation on my ranunculus flowers.

I have tried everything to kill the evil little green buggers. Organic insecticidal soap, picking them off, and spraying with water…. sadly nothing worked. It is important to me to keep my garden as organic as possible since I grow a lot of edibles. While I don’t plan on eating the flowers I just don’t want the chemicals in my garden to begin with.  Finally I tried ladybugs. Not only have they eaten most of the evil aphids (yay!) they were also so cute to watch. I took way too many pictures of them, but I just love ladybugs.

I released them at night so they would stay put longer….

Thankfully the little dears were still around the next day!

Three days later they have all left me… I will miss their cuteness. Hopefully my flowers will be aphid free for a while!

How in the world is it already April!?!?!  I think I may have said that when March rolled around as well, the months seem to fly by faster and faster each year.

This was such a good week and I have so much to share!


First off, I have fallen in love with Pinterest. It is so much fun! For those who don’t know what Pinterest is, it is like a virtual bulletin boards or inspiration board. It is pretty much a TON of inspiration and eye candy!!! It is also so easy to lose  a couple of hours pinning away. Here are a couple of the pins from this week to see everything check out my boards!


Martha Stewart Craft posted a great Cyanotype tutorial. I had never heard of this before, but I am super excited to try it this summer.  I love the scarf but I think it would look great on some pillows.


Great new desktop image from Christina Engel! I look forward to these each month 🙂


The new Twist Collective is out!!! My favorites are Devonshire, Madrigal, Clearwing, Quintet, ans Aviah. The article on local wool and fiber makes me want to go live on a farm and raise sheep.


My favorite Mochimochi has a new Tiny Things collection out! Yay!!! I think the Donut is my favorite,or the Chef… I can’t decide 🙂

These book covers are all over the internet right now and I love them! Penguin Classics commissioned Jillian Tamaki to create these one of kind book covers, they are just so beautiful.


It is getting close to summer which means – PICKLES! I love, love pickles. This recipe from Coconut & Lime looks super tasty. I can’t wait to make them.


Last weekend I spend sometime working on my little balcony garden.  I have a long narrow balcony that faces due west so it gets lots of afternoon sun. While I would love a real in the ground garden, I am thrilled to have the little garden I have.  I mainly grow edibles and herbs but have started adding in flowers since we have a TON of hummingbirds in our complex and I like to keep them happy.  There are so many hummingbirds… one day I counted about 20 around 2 feeders on my neighbors patio. Man those little guys are loud. I haven’t been able to get good pictures of them feeding but they like to hang out around the garden….

Them feeding ( a bit fuzzy)


I got some new veggies for the garden –  some lettuce, peppers, and an heirloom tomato. Also got some more strawberries, some chocolate mint, and some lemon balm.  Already in the garden I have  a cherry tomato, some sugar snap peas, carrots, radishes, chives, parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, green onions, strawberries, a tiny lilac bush, and a bunch of flowers!

Here are some pics of the garden:



Snap Peas!


The hanging baskets hold all the strawberries.

It may be a tiny garden but I have packed a lot in there.  I love being able to walk out the kitchen door to grab some herbs for dinner, and watching the hummingbirds feed on the flowers is just amazing. I think my favorite though is using the mints for fresh herbal teas, so very yummy.


What is your favorite thing to grow in the garden?



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