Nothing irritates me more than a badly written knitting pattern. Ok I am sure there are lots of things that irritate me more, but today I am irritated by a badly written knitting pattern, so bear with me.

My knitting group and I decided to do a little knit-a-long with a cute lace sweater we found back in February. The KAL was really about the yarn at first, we all wanted a lace weight sweater, and we had found some lovely lace on sale at our local LYS that we loved. We then found a pattern we could all agree on and started knitting. Things were going beautifully, we were in love with the pattern and the yarns we had picked.  Then things went downhill quickly. There were paragraphs out-of-order, math was wrong, and the design  was difficult to get a hold of.  After having to redo all the math and rip back a couple of times, we got some of the issues worked out among ourselves and kept moving forward in hopes that the rest of the pattern would work out. HA! Nope just got to the end of the body and there is a flaw in the lace pattern.  I now get to rip back almost 30 rows of lace because 1 row was wrong and it looks awful. I have triple checked my work and I did exactly what the pattern called for.  So frustrating!!! I have put so much work into this evil thing and I want it to be over. If I didn’t love the yarn so much (Classic Elite Silky Alpaca!) I would just hide the sweater in the closet.  But I love the yarn, and really do think the sweater will be cute… if I can ever finish the blasted thing. I hate, hate, hate when I have rip back for something that is not my fault.


Designers of the world – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have your designs tech edited! And if you promise me an updated/fixed pattern by a certain date – actually deliver! We  were promised a new pattern back in April!!!




This is my rant for the day. Thank you for listening 🙂