Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week. While I love Fridays and, of course, the weekend; Tuesdays hold a very special place in my heart. It is the day my knitting group meets.  We are a small little group, about 6-8 people every week, that meets once a week at a local café.  We knit & crochet, eat pastries, drink tea, and just chat away.  We share our latest projects and pour praise and love on the latest finished object.  There is lots of love in this group.   Most of us met online and just randomly came together in this group, we are a diverse group of people which makes it even more fun.  If for some reason I can’t make a Tuesday night my week is all thrown off! Knitting with this group brings a calm to my week that I have grown to depend on. This week we left our normal café for a “field trip” to a local bar to support the local animal shelter. Knitting + drinking + hanging out with my group = Heaven!

I once heard on a Oprah show about happiness that joining a group or club brings as much happiness as doubling your salary. I believe it.  My knitting group brings me more happiness then I could ever imagine…. though I would still be ok with doubling my salary 😉