Hello all….

Having stepped away from the blog for a while I am ready to get back in the swing of things.  The purpose of the blog is no longer to document my journey in knitting design, this is mainly because I realized I don’t actually want to design.  I love being creative and making things, but I am not, by nature, a creative person. And I am ok with that.  There will still be knitting here, lots and lots of knitting. It is what I love, and that is what I want this blog to be about – things I love.

What I am loving right now are my current knitting projects. So much love!  I have 4 projects on needles at the moment, which is high for me. In the last year I have been more of a mono-knitter focusing on 1 project at a time…but in the last couple months I have switched back to ADD knitter! I want to start every project now! Even with 4 projects on needles I am dying to start more. Sadly my shoulder injury has flared up so I can’t knit as much as I would like to.

Here is a run down of what I am working on:

Jade Cashmere One-Skein Shawl – There is a sample of this shawl knit up in Sweet Georgia’s Cashsilk Lace in Saffron at Unwind (my local yarn store/favorite place ever!). I decided to try on the sample and ended up wearing it all day. I fell head over heels in love with the yarn, the pattern, and the color…. so the yarn and the pattern came home with me and I am knitting up my own to wear.  This yarn is beyond fabulous! It is so soft and light, and the color is amazing.  Sweet Georgia’s sense of color is amazing, she is able to come up with such beautiful and intense colors. (These pictures do not do it justice)  The pattern is also amazing, so easy to follow!  I can’t wait till this is finished 🙂


To counter balance the lace work of this shawl (and another sweater I am working on in lace… it deserves its own post.  And not for good reasons) I decided that I needed some worsted weight in my life, enter in a wonderful combo of Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran and the sweater Wicked. This sweater has a lovely Kangaroo pocket, which is the main thing that drew me to it. I do love a kangaroo pocket! The sweater is knitting up so beautifully, both the pattern and the yarn are wonderful. I am loving the 50/50 wool & cotton yarn, it is so squishy and wonderful.


The other sweater on needles…. well isn’t going as well. It will be beautiful, and I love the yarn… but the pattern – ugh. That is a whole other post for another day.


My last project is a secret. Well, it’s not that secret the recipients know they are getting a present… and they know it’s a blanket, but other than that it’s a secret.  Someday I will get to share the blanket with you 🙂


That is my knitting life right now.  Of course I am always plotting my next projects, I have plans for more sweaters, another pair of socks, a cowl (knit with this amazing linen yarn from Maker Faire), and about 100,000,000 other things 🙂


Happy Knitting to all!