You know what I hate more than anything in the garden? Aphids.  I hate, hate, hate Aphids!!!  I can’t seem to kill them no matter what I do they are always there.  I recently had a major infestation on my ranunculus flowers.

I have tried everything to kill the evil little green buggers. Organic insecticidal soap, picking them off, and spraying with water…. sadly nothing worked. It is important to me to keep my garden as organic as possible since I grow a lot of edibles. While I don’t plan on eating the flowers I just don’t want the chemicals in my garden to begin with.  Finally I tried ladybugs. Not only have they eaten most of the evil aphids (yay!) they were also so cute to watch. I took way too many pictures of them, but I just love ladybugs.

I released them at night so they would stay put longer….

Thankfully the little dears were still around the next day!

Three days later they have all left me… I will miss their cuteness. Hopefully my flowers will be aphid free for a while!