Getting back on track with my blogging life. Lost focus during December, a complication of losing one’s job and the holidays. But I am back and ready to go for 2011!  Here are some of the things I am loving right now…


Christiane Engel has her new desktop picture up for 2011!  It is already set as the wallpaper on my laptop.


The start of  New Year is a time of reflection for many this article on Scoutie Girl is a great way to look at how you want to spend the next year. They pose the question “Do you remember who you wanted to be?” It is a great article and worth the read… it inspired me and hopefully it will inspire you as well.


I am in love with this “Deathflake” hat from Nelkins Designs!  I know many kids/teenagers who would love to have this!


This sewing/crafting basket posted on Whip-up is just so sweet.


Green Apples is one of my favorite sewing blogs. While I don’t currently sew, i have dreams of making lovely dresses just like she does. I’m constantly inspired by the work she does. This post gives a great overview of all the items she has made over the last year… it’s amazing!


Poppytalk posted this wonderful video of Elizabeth Gilbert speaking on creativity. It is a very funny and inspiring I highly recommend it!!