I have a secret love of all things miniature. This may come from being really tall and liking things smaller then me, or (more likely) from growing up with the most beautiful doll house. My Grandma Ellen started building me a doll house when I was very young (maybe 2 or 3?) over the years she worked hard to make each room beautiful and memorable. Sadly, due to health issues, she was never able to finish it. Growing up she would keep the furniture on a shelf in her guest room while she was working on the house. I remember spending hours staring at the tiny chairs, stove, sewing machine, beds, and other little items. The house itself has so many memories and pieces of nostalgia. The chandelier in the kitchen/dining room looks exactly like hers, the fireplace (which she made herself) contained rocks my Mom and Grandfather (who I never knew) has found together on Pebble beach and a chip off Grandma’s “pet rock”, there are miniatures of the musical instruments my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather used to play, there is a tiny painting done by my Uncle, and my favorite piece is a framed picture of my Great-Grandmother (Nana) on the fireplace – the frame is actually her wedding ring.  The memories and family history in this little house are so precious to me.  Sadly the house has been in storage for years and needs lots of repairs, some day when I have the space I hope to refurbish it and display it in a guest room.
Even though I currently don’t have the space or time to work on this house I am still drawn to all things miniature!  I ran across a wonderful site filled with miniature knitting recently – Mini-Mum! Now I want to spend all my time knitting tiny little bedspreads and sweaters for my doll house.

I adore this little bedspread!

Thankfully Christmas is coming up and I can filling my mini-knitting craving by knitting ornaments!  I made a bunch last year and sold them at our companies bake sale. (sorry for the crappy photos, my good camera was not around last year)

The little hat with ear flaps was my design… I think I might write that up for this Christmas season!


Do you have any favorite ornament patterns?