The Holiday season is approaching way too fast this year, and I am not ready! Though after looking through the new magazine from Creature ComfortsGifted I am thoroughly  inspired to begin the holiday season! Where are my Christmas Carols? Where are the Cookies? Lets get this season started!!!

This magazine is filled with some much wonderful content. I particularly loved the Q&A with some of the best in Blogland!  It was great to learn not only about new blogs but great tidbits and tips about their favorite things at the Holidays.  As one who is new to the blog world and hoping to expand into selling patterns and crafts someday it was great to have an inside look into the workings of indie artists and shop owners. The article on Rifle Paper Co. was so interesting and their cards are beautiful!


Gifted is also filled with loads of great little crafts to do for the holidays. One of my favorites is the Handmade Snowfall, it reminds me of making snowflakes in elementary school and looks so beautiful.

A Fanciful Twist is also adorable and so very smart…

One of my favorite this are all the free downloads that are highlighted in the mag…. lots of gift tags and DIY creations


Then there is the beautiful gift guide. Can I just tell you how much I love gift guides? They just make me happy, I love shopping from the comfort of my chair, and this gift guide is just beautiful to look at. Of course I found many little items I would love 🙂  In case you want to get me a gift, here are some of my favorites…


Handmade Living

Kitchen Conversions... I am always looking this info up!

I have no need for this other than it makes me giggle!

I LOVE their soap!!!


This print is stunning and sweet


Of course I found many things for others in my life… but I won’t be sharing those incase the happen by here.


Please check out Gifted there is so much more than the tiny peak I have shared here. It is a beautiful piece of work filled with lots of beauty and inspiration. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!