I keep talking about designing sweaters and little toys for art shows. Want to know a secret?  It’s all talk! Sure I am designing these items in my head, but I haven’t picked up yarn and needles yet. That’s because I am totally distracted/addicted to my latest project.

I have been working on my first colorwork project the Corrie Fair Isle Vest from Knit Picks.

I got the kit from Knit Picks a long time ago ( they no longer carry it) and it has been waiting patiently while I work on other projects. I finally picked it up about 3 months ago and just fell in love with Fair Isle!  I don’t know why I had been scared to try it for so long, it is so simple and fun!


The vest is knitting up quickly, well as quickly as I can knit these days. I am through most of the waist shaping and getting close to the v-neck shaping. Of course I am going to have to do some steeking for the project! Ekkk! Steeking sounds so scary! But I though colorwork would be scary… and not so much.

Looking forward to being finished with this so I can wear it.  I foresee lots of colorwork in the future!