Where did the knitting go?

Not to worry I haven’t forgotten that this is a knitting blog. The knitting is coming back, I promise. Life has been a bit busy between work, vacation/friends wedding and then getting sick. Life is getting back to normal… well as normal as my life ever gets.

Though I should be working on my sweater design I have been sidetracked by a couple other projects. A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Micro Gallery blog started by some story artists at Disney Animation. They are prepping for The Super Big Micro Show – at Nucleus Gallery in December. Since I have submitted items to shows before I am able to take part in the Nucleus show. I am excited, nervous, and  bit overwhelmed!

The pieces for this show can’t be bigger then 6″x6″ so this will be a tiny knitting project, but probably more challenging than anything I have done so far. For earlier shows I have just made something off  pattern. For the Nature show, which raise money for relief in the Gulf, I made Rainycloud by Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi land

I was amazed at how well the piece did in our  silent auction! ( I did get Anna’s permission to use her pattern 🙂 thanks Anna!)

(sorry for the fuzzy picture)

For the Christmas show I did a collection of three ornaments. Sadly I don’t have a picture of them hung all together, but here is a picture of the sweater.

There was also a set of tiny mittens in red and white; and then a little Santa hat with Mickey ears on it (I do work for the Mouse after all). I meant to take pictures but the holidays got away from me last year… as usual.

For this upcoming show I don’t want to use patterns. I want these pieces to be my designs, 100% mine.  I have an idea and yarn is on the way. I will be using Knit Picks Palette for this pieces as I want them to be small but not bulky. I am hoping the fingering weight will allow me to get some detail into the tiny objects. Also Palette comes in an amazing amount of colors which works well for this project, and it’s reasonably priced. I will be making some small knitted toys for this show. Not quite sure how it’s going to work out, I am excited to start playing with the yarn.  I am hoping to have drawings of my idea up soon!