I love the weekends, who doesn’t really, but Sundays have become my favorite part of the weekend.  And my favorite part about Sundays is the Studio City Farmers Market. Love, love, love!

I go every Sunday morning and it is the perfect way to start the day. Someone is always playing live music, my favorite is the steel drums, and everything looks and smells fantastic. Living in California means I am lucky enough to have the Farmers Market all year round with amazing produce the entire time. One of the many, many reasons I love Cali. It is so great to watch the seasons change via the produce, right now there is tons of fruit everywhere! Beautiful strawberries, peaches, grapes, and tons of veggies.

I think the reason I am so in love with the Farmers market right now is that there have been some new additions recently that make it such a fun experience and a great all around market.  The newest addition is LA Fungi with the most amazing assortment of mushrooms. I have been eyeing them for the last couple weeks and finally got some today. I purchased an assortment of Shitake, Crimini, and Chanertelle, I am thinking a little mushroom pasta is on the menu for dinner tonight! There are so many mushrooms there that I have never seen before, I am looking forward to trying out new ones in the future.

My Mushrooms

After my morning spent at the Farmers Market I have found that I am more energized to get stuff done instead of just hanging out on the couch and watching hours of Food Network or the new Cooking Channel. I think it is just the energy of the people and all the freshness of the food that gets me moving. Though I will still probably end up on the couch knitting and watching Food Network at some point during the day! Today though I am going to start work on a new workspace in my room. As i move forward with designing knitwear I have realized I want a designated space to create. I will have an update on my new space once it is finished!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! What is your favorite thing about Sundays?