What is the first step in designing a sweater? For me the answer is easy –


The jumping off point for me was finding something that I wanted to wear that I couldn’t find a pattern for. I had thought about starting to design knitwear for a while but never actually done anything about it. Not being a super creative person, I was concerned about coming up with ideas that were new, fresh, and hopefully be popular to some extent . There is so much out there now in terms of knitting patterns, everyone seems to be designing these days. As a knitter I love the variety of patterns to choose from, as designer I worry about copying someone else or not being original enough. I slowly have been compiling ideas for different sweaters in my sketch book. (I should note that I am mainly focusing on designing sweaters because that is what I love to knit more than anything else.) While I had some ideas for sweaters nothing had inspired me enough to actually get started, I have a long list of other projects that I have been knitting  that are keeping me busy (I will be posting about those in the future). Then one day, at the commissary at work, the woman in line across from me was wearing the cutest shirt, with out staring too much I kept checking out the shirt and thinking “That would make such a cute sweater! I would want to wear that sweater!”.  I rushed back to my desk and grabbed a drawing pencil and sketch pad (they are everywhere here) and quickly sketched out the sweater.

Here is my rough drawing… (Please note I am NOT an artist!)

Rough Design Sketch

The top she was wearing was very simple with some interesting detail up at the yoke (Going to try to keep that part secret until the pattern is done! There have to be some fun surprises at the end of this 😉  ) and it flowed down in a bit of an a-line from the yoke a drapey lightweight fabric.  I am always looking for sweater patterns that work well in the warm California weather, as much as I would love to spend my days knitting big beautiful wool sweaters it just isn’t realistic here in LA or more specifically the San Fernando Valley.  So this particular sweater idea appealed to me because the inspiration piece was lightweight and would work well here in the warmer climate. I also loved is artsy flowing look of the main body of the sweater. I knew immediately that I wanted this to be my first sweater design.

Now that I have my idea/inspiration I can’t wait to start designing my sweater. Before I was dragging my feet and finding other projects to work on, now I am sprinting ahead and contemplating yarn choices…. more on that next time!