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I have moved this blog over to my business website www.knittogethermedia.com

Come check it out and let me know what you think!





Ok friends I need to stop procrastinating!  I have these grand ideas in the works and then I spend all day playing on Pinterest (seriously IN LOVE with that site). So in an effort to stay on top of what I need to do I am going to share my grand plans with you! This way it is out in the world and there is no hiding from it 🙂


So what is my new grand plan? Well some of you may already know this, but I am starting my own little freelance business doing Social Media Consulting for knitting/yarn/fiber companies.  Currently I have 2 clients – Unwind, and Alamitos Bay Yarn Company, and I love them both.  Helping them with their social media marketing has been so fun! I love every moment of it.


So what do I need to do to take this little business to the next level?  Oh about a million things! Some of the big ones are:

  • Design new website
  • Take pictures of me and of my knitting for website
  • Write copy for new website – including services offered
  • Transfer blog to new website
  • Finish my business plan

The fun part is I want all of this done by September for Vogue Knitting Live. I have about a month… I think I can make that happen. I just need to start!


I will keep you all updated! Off to go work on finding pics for the website 😉

Nothing irritates me more than a badly written knitting pattern. Ok I am sure there are lots of things that irritate me more, but today I am irritated by a badly written knitting pattern, so bear with me.

My knitting group and I decided to do a little knit-a-long with a cute lace sweater we found back in February. The KAL was really about the yarn at first, we all wanted a lace weight sweater, and we had found some lovely lace on sale at our local LYS that we loved. We then found a pattern we could all agree on and started knitting. Things were going beautifully, we were in love with the pattern and the yarns we had picked.  Then things went downhill quickly. There were paragraphs out-of-order, math was wrong, and the design  was difficult to get a hold of.  After having to redo all the math and rip back a couple of times, we got some of the issues worked out among ourselves and kept moving forward in hopes that the rest of the pattern would work out. HA! Nope just got to the end of the body and there is a flaw in the lace pattern.  I now get to rip back almost 30 rows of lace because 1 row was wrong and it looks awful. I have triple checked my work and I did exactly what the pattern called for.  So frustrating!!! I have put so much work into this evil thing and I want it to be over. If I didn’t love the yarn so much (Classic Elite Silky Alpaca!) I would just hide the sweater in the closet.  But I love the yarn, and really do think the sweater will be cute… if I can ever finish the blasted thing. I hate, hate, hate when I have rip back for something that is not my fault.


Designers of the world – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have your designs tech edited! And if you promise me an updated/fixed pattern by a certain date – actually deliver! We  were promised a new pattern back in April!!!




This is my rant for the day. Thank you for listening 🙂

I am in full ADD knitter mode now – wanting to cast on tons of projects but finishing none of them.

Yesterday I cast on a lovely infinity scarf called Summer Wind in this beautiful linen I got at Maker Faire in April from ceallachdyes.com. I LOVE this yarn! The colors are so vibrant and yummy. The pictures do not do it justice

The pattern is simple but lovely. Just what I need, all my other projects are lace and involve complicated charts. This will be the perfect amount of mindless, but not boring.

I love casting on a new project!

Not much knitting happening lately, which makes me so sad.  There are good and bad reasons to the lack of knitting. On the bad side, my shoulder injury has flared up again and is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!  Sorry for screaming. But seriously it is pissing me off.  It is so frustrating to have the thing you love dong more than anything, knitting, cause so much pain.  I have been working out more often which helps, but it’s not back to the way it was before.

The good reason is that I have been busy working on my new freelance project. I am now doing social media consulting for yarn stores and such.  Right now I only have 2 clients, but it is very exciting. With so much of the crafting community online I feel very strongly that craft businesses should have an online presence. Not everyone is tech savvy, or understands social media… and that’s where I come in. I help set up the platforms, discuss strategy, and  train staff.  So far things are going well. Today I finally purchased business cards and secured my website! I will be spending the week designing the site 🙂  I am so excited about this new venture mainly because it keeps me close to my true passion – knitting.  So while I can’t knit as much as I like, due to my shoulder, I am participating in the knitting community… and that makes me happy.

This weekend a wonderful movie opens in theatres… Winnie the Pooh!!! Yes, yes I am sure you are all going to see that other movie, Harry Potter, but Winnie the Pooh has something that Harry doesn’t – Knitting!!! That’s right folks there is knitting in Winnie the Pooh!  Dear Kanga knits throughout the movie, which is difficult when you have no fingers only paws.

I am so proud to have worked on this film and have my craft represented in it. It is a beautiful, funny, heartfelt film that is wonderful for all ages.

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy some great knitting time and maybe an afternoon with a silly old bear….

Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week. While I love Fridays and, of course, the weekend; Tuesdays hold a very special place in my heart. It is the day my knitting group meets.  We are a small little group, about 6-8 people every week, that meets once a week at a local café.  We knit & crochet, eat pastries, drink tea, and just chat away.  We share our latest projects and pour praise and love on the latest finished object.  There is lots of love in this group.   Most of us met online and just randomly came together in this group, we are a diverse group of people which makes it even more fun.  If for some reason I can’t make a Tuesday night my week is all thrown off! Knitting with this group brings a calm to my week that I have grown to depend on. This week we left our normal café for a “field trip” to a local bar to support the local animal shelter. Knitting + drinking + hanging out with my group = Heaven!

I once heard on a Oprah show about happiness that joining a group or club brings as much happiness as doubling your salary. I believe it.  My knitting group brings me more happiness then I could ever imagine…. though I would still be ok with doubling my salary 😉

Hello all….

Having stepped away from the blog for a while I am ready to get back in the swing of things.  The purpose of the blog is no longer to document my journey in knitting design, this is mainly because I realized I don’t actually want to design.  I love being creative and making things, but I am not, by nature, a creative person. And I am ok with that.  There will still be knitting here, lots and lots of knitting. It is what I love, and that is what I want this blog to be about – things I love.

What I am loving right now are my current knitting projects. So much love!  I have 4 projects on needles at the moment, which is high for me. In the last year I have been more of a mono-knitter focusing on 1 project at a time…but in the last couple months I have switched back to ADD knitter! I want to start every project now! Even with 4 projects on needles I am dying to start more. Sadly my shoulder injury has flared up so I can’t knit as much as I would like to.

Here is a run down of what I am working on:

Jade Cashmere One-Skein Shawl – There is a sample of this shawl knit up in Sweet Georgia’s Cashsilk Lace in Saffron at Unwind (my local yarn store/favorite place ever!). I decided to try on the sample and ended up wearing it all day. I fell head over heels in love with the yarn, the pattern, and the color…. so the yarn and the pattern came home with me and I am knitting up my own to wear.  This yarn is beyond fabulous! It is so soft and light, and the color is amazing.  Sweet Georgia’s sense of color is amazing, she is able to come up with such beautiful and intense colors. (These pictures do not do it justice)  The pattern is also amazing, so easy to follow!  I can’t wait till this is finished 🙂


To counter balance the lace work of this shawl (and another sweater I am working on in lace… it deserves its own post.  And not for good reasons) I decided that I needed some worsted weight in my life, enter in a wonderful combo of Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran and the sweater Wicked. This sweater has a lovely Kangaroo pocket, which is the main thing that drew me to it. I do love a kangaroo pocket! The sweater is knitting up so beautifully, both the pattern and the yarn are wonderful. I am loving the 50/50 wool & cotton yarn, it is so squishy and wonderful.


The other sweater on needles…. well isn’t going as well. It will be beautiful, and I love the yarn… but the pattern – ugh. That is a whole other post for another day.


My last project is a secret. Well, it’s not that secret the recipients know they are getting a present… and they know it’s a blanket, but other than that it’s a secret.  Someday I will get to share the blanket with you 🙂


That is my knitting life right now.  Of course I am always plotting my next projects, I have plans for more sweaters, another pair of socks, a cowl (knit with this amazing linen yarn from Maker Faire), and about 100,000,000 other things 🙂


Happy Knitting to all!

Hi all! I am going to take a little break from the blog for a while. Originally I set this up to document my journey into knitting design but I don’t really think that is the path I want to take at this time.  The blog with always having knitting involved in it some how but I think I want to revamp the purpose/focus of the blog a bit.

So I am going to take some time to figure out how I want to move forward. I’ll be back soon!

Happy Knitting to you all!


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